Distance covered so far: 3245 nautical miles
Last 24 hours: 142 nautical miles (5.9 knots average)
To Martinique: 208 nautical miles

Yippie aye yeyy, Schweinebacke! Porky is in shape and we continue to sail towards our destination in gusty winds. Last night Papa was thrown from the navigation table across the boat in front of the gas stove by a sudden wave. Fortunately, nothing was cooking on the stove top at the time and he only got away with a few painful bruises. That could have turned out much worse. Only the stove got damaged, but that could be fixed quickly with a few screws. In my mind I had already happily prepared the ketamine ampoule for injection. In general, we are medically well-equipped with a large first aid kit that has been put together for longer offshore passages including lots of emergency medication. For his skipper license, Max participated in a first aid course organized by the Red Cross in England. Daniel and I attended a course specifically for first aid on board organized by Seadocs from Hamburg. For the certificate, we learned how to act with the help of professional medical support (e.g. via satellite phone) in life-threatening situations and how to stabilize injured crew for several days until you are within reach of medical help. Hopefully it will never come to that. But the knowledge learned and the practiced processes not only provide an additional sense of security, but are also extremely interesting even for people without medical backgrounds.

We also had a fish on the line, but it broke loose when it was pulled in. Luckily Daniel’s bait stayed on the line because this is our most successful tuna bait. It was thrown out again this afternoon in hope to bring us enough fish for Tuna burgers.
In order to be able to see the shallows in the canal of Le Marin in Martinique in daylight, we plan to enter on January 17th in the morning. If Porky should do a sensational final sprint, so that we arrive in the dark on January 16, we will anchor in St.Anne. On January 17th, Daniel will come back on board and the actual Por Que No crew will be back together and start their Caribbean adventure with joy and excitement!

Correction: While writing this post Daniel’s bait got lost because it was eaten by Turbie, our wind generator, when Max was trying to wheel it in. So we definitely have to stock up on baits in Martinique.

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