Our time in the Grenadines

We are very lucky to have experienced one of the most popular cruising grounds almost entirely to ourselves. With hurricane season approaching, current travel restrictions and the recent volcano eruption in St.Vincent only very few visitors were still around in the SVGs. Anchorages usually crowded with hundreds of boats were now empty and only PorkyContinue reading “Our time in the Grenadines”

The Sargassum Seaweed Problem

It constantly gets stuck on our fishing line. Once washed ashore it starts smelling like rotten eggs. It can irritate the skin when you swim or walk in it. It clogged up our toilet pump and simply impacts the beauty of sandy beaches and anchorages. It’s not only affecting us as sailors, but especially locals,Continue reading “The Sargassum Seaweed Problem”

Start of a slow life in the Caribbean

After a few exciting months of getting the boat ready, trying to catch suitable weather windows to sail south along the European coastline, to the Canary islands, as well as west across the Atlantic, we find ourselves having a deep breath for the first time. Today it has been exactly 3 months since we launchedContinue reading “Start of a slow life in the Caribbean”