The simplicity and comforts onboard a cruising boat

Since setting sail in October and having experienced both cold weather sailing in Europe and the warm climates of the Caribbean we came to really appreciate some of the things and equipment we have onboard. We’ve met many other cruisers along the way living on very different boats, with different equipment and all of themContinue reading “The simplicity and comforts onboard a cruising boat”

Start of a slow life in the Caribbean

After a few exciting months of getting the boat ready, trying to catch suitable weather windows to sail south along the European coastline, to the Canary islands, as well as west across the Atlantic, we find ourselves having a deep breath for the first time. Today it has been exactly 3 months since we launchedContinue reading “Start of a slow life in the Caribbean”


Total distance covered: 3495 nautical milesLocation: St. Anne in Martinique We crossed an ocean!!! After a wonderful sunny day of sailing yesterday we arrived in St. Anne in Martinique at night. At sunset we had LAND-HO seeing the mountain of St. Lucia. Then we sat together in the cockpit and really enjoyed the last eveningContinue reading “DAY 28 – ARRIVED IN MARTINIQUE”


Distance covered so far: 3245 nautical milesLast 24 hours: 142 nautical miles (5.9 knots average)To Martinique: 208 nautical miles Yippie aye yeyy, Schweinebacke! Porky is in shape and we continue to sail towards our destination in gusty winds. Last night Papa was thrown from the navigation table across the boat in front of the gasContinue reading “DAY 26 AT SEA”


Distance covered so far: 3103 nautical milesLast 24 hours: 144 nautical miles (6 knots average)To Martinique: 328 nautical miles Max practiced his solo sailing skills yesterday by performing a reefing manoeuvre without any help from us. Since Porky’s running rigging (i.e. any lines and sheets that are used to set and trim sails) is notContinue reading “DAY 25 AT SEA”


Distance covered so far: 2959 nautical milesLast 24 hours: 133 nautical miles (5.54 knots average)To Martinique: 446 nautical miles Final days of our crossing! On the one hand, we are really looking forward to land, the various Caribbean islands, beautiful anchorages and snorkeling spots that we will explore over the next few months and theContinue reading “DAY 24 AT SEA”