Distance covered so far: 3388 nautical miles
Last 24 hours: 143 nautical miles (5.9 knots average)
To Martinique: 87 nautical miles

Last day at sea! Yesterday we were accompanied by a school of dolphins again for a long time. When surfing the waves, Max broke the speed record of 13.3 knots above ground. The playful animals like to swim in the big bow wave. If you listen carefully below deck, you can even hear the rattling noises with which the dolphins communicate. The night has been quiet, with no local squalls and has given us all a good night’s sleep. At night the water around Porky’s hull shone and flashed again. The sea glow is caused by phytoplankton, which suddenly lights up to deter predators such as various zooplankton (floating crustaceans and microorganisms). However, this defense mechanism of the tiny creatures is counterproductive and pretty useless against us, because the wonderful phenomenon is more tempting and arouses our curiosity. Although we’re only under 100 nautical miles away from land, we have only seen one other boat on the horizon so far. Unfortunately, we weren’t close enough to get any details on AIS. But from the size on radar and the lights, I assume that it was a cargo ship. Since the beginning of the crossing we have seen flying fish escaping in the air when our boat approaches. One or the other of various sizes happened to fly in the wrong direction and landed on deck. Since we will only have land in sight this evening, we can hardly realize that we will soon have solid ground under our feet. Tomorrow we will share whether we can make it into the bay of Le Marin. Greetings from the Porky Crew!

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