Distance covered so far: 2826 nautical miles
Last 24 hours: 145 nautical miles (6.04 knots average)
To Martinique: 563 nautical miles

Since yesterday we have been on a downwind course, which not only means that we are sailing more comfortable in the wave, but also make about one knot more speed. Although we cannot keep a direct course towards Martinique, we are making up the 10-15% more distance thanks to the increased speed. At night, local squalls appeared now and then with winds of up to 36 knots. Thanks to Papa’s attentive observation of an approaching squall, he woke Max and me and we were able to reduce the mainsail and genoa to the 3rd reef in time. When the squall came a few minutes later with strong winds, we used it as a welcomed fresh water shower in pajamas or underwear. With a smaller sail area, we were able to withstand the unpredictable and suddenly extremely strong wind changes during the night. Only Tippin Tony, the windvane self-steering system, could not always compensate for the gusts and we had to readjust manually every now and then. Our radar, however, only sees local weather systems that bring rain with them. Accordingly, some squalls and strong gusts came unannounced. In any case, the night watch didn’t get boring. What surprises us is the irregular swell with sometimes very choppy waves. So far out into the ocean with a regular northeasterly wind, we would have expected longer and constant high waves, which now start building up to 4 meters with some big breakers. But Porky is in her element and is first lifted onto the crest of the waves and then elegantly surfs down the other side. We try to break each other’s speed records over the ground. At the moment Papa is still leading with 11.1 knots! Basically, living at sea is like living on a roller coaster 24/7 that never stops and doesn’t let you get off. Could you imagine doing this as an adventure as well?

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