We caught a fish!
Yesterday just before sunset, Sara's bait got us a small tuna. The manoeuvre to pull the fish on board has worked out great. We still have to practice gutting a bit. Sara will cook the fish for lunch today. We have done 138 nautical miles at an average of 5.75 knots in the past 24 hours. After Martinique there are still 3379 nautical miles from here. Since yesterday evening we have been sailing with reaching winds with mainsail in 2nd reef and reefed genoa, still poled-out. The wind has changed a bit and we headed west. We are still making good speed, but we are now preparing for the upcoming low pressure system with possibly stronger winds that will drive us further south and then an unpleasant calm over the festive season. So protein balls are made and fresh bread baked beforehand! Greetings from board!

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