DAY 9 – Landfall in Mindelo

While we entered the island of São Vicente, we could not only observe the rocky volcanic coast of the other islands, but were also accompanied into the bay by dolphins, seagulls and flying fish. From the water you first saw many ruins, crumbled houses and shipwrecks in Mindelo. But the closer we got, the more colorful the house facades became. First, diesel was filled up. Since fresh water is scarce here, the consumption is regulated more strictly and we booked a night in the marina to fill up our water tanks and get a warm shower. In the local supermarket we were able to replenish our provisions with fresh food. So Porky is now fully loaded again and ready to sail on. After a bit of walking in Mindelo, we were taken to a small fishing village, São Pedro, in the back of a pickup truck. According to another sailor in the harbor, this was supposed to be a great beach and a lovely village. Passing the local airport and the rather barren mountainous nature, we came to a very simple village and were already looked upon from afar. The small, simple houses were mostly painted in bright colors and stray dogs ran through the alleys. Many children played outside and stared at us as we strolled through the village. The men fished during the day and gathered on the beach to help each other pull the wooden boats ashore and tie the fresh catch on a car roof to drive it into town. It was an insight that shows how many people are still living around the world compared to our modern life in Europe. And Cabo Verde is said to be one of the most democratic and most developed countries in Africa. The wide sandy beach with the fishing boats was really nice. Sea turtles, which live in the bay and bury their eggs in the sand, were special here. The locals also cordoned off these areas to protect them. We had a drink in the local beach bar before we let the pick-up truck drive us back towards Mindelo. In the evening we ate in a restaurant near the marina and then we were all looking forward to a quiet night without night watches. The weather looks good for the next few days, until an area with calm winds spreads again in the middle of the Atlantic. With enough water, food and diesel, we could sit it out again. It was a very interesting, albeit unplanned, stop on our trip, very impressive! Now we will head back to the vastness of the ocean. According to current weather forecasts, the crossing could take about 20 days. We are now getting ready to set sail!

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