Merry Christmas from the Porky Crew!
24hr analysis: A whopping 142 nautical miles with an average of 5.92 knots!
In the afternoon we washed off our plastic garbage, cut it up into small pieces and stowed it in the anchor locker. We passed a drifting wooden boat with an outboard motor attached. After we made ourselves noticed with our horn and carefully observed it with binoculars, the boat appeared to be empty. We passed the coordinates on to the Falmouth Coast Guard Center on our satellite phone. Whether it was a loose fishing boat or a possibly crashed refugee boat will remain a mystery. Sara is now taking on her own watches. So everyone can take a 6-hour break, completely new to us after the previous 4-hour breaks! Antonia relaxed and watched a Disney film in her bunk. In the afternoon we sailed closed hauled towards the Southwest. When there was little wind, our high rig came in handy. We made good progress with full sails. In the evening the wind got stronger and stronger and we are in the 2nd reef in both sails close-hauled to the wind. For Christmas dinner we will have typical German bratwurst, potatoes and cabbage. The only Christmas playlist we have downloaded offline will be on repeat! Less than 2300 nautical miles to Martinique!
We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a cozy Christmas Eve!
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