Distance covered so far: 2094 nautical miles
Last 24 hours: 155 nautical miles (6.46 knots average)
To Martinique: 1233 nautical miles

Porky is in top form and we finished our fastest 24 hours so far! We’re so fast that Porky’s thick hull splits the waves and sleeping below deck was also pleasant. Yesterday we had sails in 1st reef all day. At night the 2nd reef was set so that the boat was balanced and easy to manoeuvre for Tippin Tony (windvane self-steering system). Quite a few gusts have already reached 23 knots and we expect the wind to pick up more and more over the next week. That’s ok for us, even welcomed, because we can reduce our sail area accordingly and still make good speed. During the day, we reviewed the experiences and impressions of the last 2 months that we spent already on the boat for my diary. It is now almost unimaginable that only 2 months ago we were still wearing several layers of ski underwear under our foul weather gear in the freezing cold and rain in England. In the meantime, manoeuvres are often done in bathing suits and at night in pyjamas under the life jacket. In the 2 months we stopped in 2 continents, 5 countries and 13 different ports / anchorages. During that time we have gained a lot of confidence in the boat and feel right at home on our few floating square meters. We are very excited to see what adventures in Central America are in store for us! We also found our rhythm at sea. Despite night watches you find enough sleep, you take turns cooking and doing dishes and during the day everyone goes about their own activities when no sailing manoeuvre is to be done. In these wind conditions, Turbie, our wind generator, can also make a good contribution to the energy generation and the batteries can be recharged in no time. We fished again in the early evening, but this time only a small, inconspicuous greenish fish was caught on the Mahi Mahi bait that is far too big for him. The fish was so small that Max thought it was seaweed at first when it was hauled in. The fish was released unharmed, because after our last successes we only catch big fish!
Greetings from the Porky Crew

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