Distance covered so far: 1939 nautical miles
Last 24 hours: 128 nautical miles (5.33 knots average)
To Martinique: 1,388 nautical miles

We have wind! The wind has finally picked up since last night and Porky rides the waves with up to 20 knots of wind and we are catching up well. The mainsail and genoa are hoisted in the 1st reef. Yesterday and the start of the night were still quiet. During the day, fish recipes for the rest of the tuna were picked out and we mostly relaxed and rested. We are also already reading through our Caribbean travel guides with anticipation and marking dreamy anchoring bays that we would like to explore in the upcoming months. At night we often see large Chinese fishing boats that drop driftnets with their own AIS transmitters, but without any lights, in the water. That is why we are on the lookout intensively, especially during night watches, and try to dodge them when on collision course. We are now in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, with fewer nautical miles to Brazil than to the African mainland coast. There cannot be many places in the world that are much more remote than here. We are still accompanied by small, nimble, black birds that live in this fascinating environment. If we continue to average over 5.5 knots, we could reach Martinique by 1/17. ! These sailing conditions are a lot of fun again 🙂

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