Total distance covered: 1597 nautical miles
Last 24 hours: 89 nautical miles (3.71 knots average)
To Martinique: 1699 nautical miles

Little wind but the mood is good anyway! After solving our little engine problem yesterday (engine didn’t start because the starter battery had strangely been drained) there was a lively atmosphere on board. After discovering the lever that starts the engine with different batteries, the old Perkins ran for 4 hours to recharge all batteries. We have to take a moment to take a look at the cabling of the starter battery disconnection mechanism so that it works again in the future if the charge falls too low. The fridge was happily turned on again, beer is cold, all instruments turned on again, new weather data downloaded, and our cell phones charged. In addition, yesterday we caught mahi mahi again, which Max cooked with a delicious coconut rice in the evening and Sara and Antonia prepared the rests as a ceviche (raw in lemon juice) for today. We got both recipes from Daniel’s book on fishing for cruisers. After sunset and in time for the night watch, we turned off the engine and drifted with a little sail to stabilize when there was little wind and waves. We could admire a great starry sky and shining water, even if we were only making very slow progress. In the last 24 hours it seems to us to be sailing on an inland lake with little wind and waves. But we were in the middle of a huge ocean. In the morning a big dark fish with a long sword (might have been a marlin) appeared right next to us and suddenly the wind picked up. We have set our full mainsail and genoa and are finally heading west! It’s getting hotter and hotter and you sweat above and below deck during the day, especially when cooking on the gas stove. Fortunately, when there is more wind again, we can open the hatches and ventilate better. We expect the next calms for tonight and try to get as much distance as possible before it. Caribbean sea, we are coming!

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