Total distance covered: 1430 nautical miles
Last 24 hours: 106 nautical miles (4.4 knots average)
To Martinique: 1840 nautical miles

We wish you all a good start into 2021 with good health and lots of happiness! We ended the last day in 2020 with delicious food, music and a drink at sunset. In the evening we sent a message in a bottle with secret messages from every crew member. Let’s see if and where it will arrive. We are currently out of luck when fishing, as we have been surrounded by dense fields of seaweed for days that keep getting tangled up on the hook. Apart from that, the water is incredibly blue and already over 25 degrees! All in all, it gets really hot down here during the day. We are still sailing at little speed and have even taken the course a bit more west. If we continue on this course, we would make landfall at the Amazon river. Wouldn’t that be worth an adventure? This morning a few dolphins gave us a show and we see birds gliding around our boat from time to time. The calms should now set in for the next few days and the wind will continue to weaken. With our current luck we have little hope for wind. But let’s have a good time and enjoy the start of an exciting new year with even more adventures and great experiences!

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