Total distance covered: 1324 nautical miles
Last 24 hours: 132 nautical miles (5.5 knots average)
To Martinique: 1933 nautical miles

After the last restless night, the day and tonight were all the more relaxed. We all had the chance to catch up on missed sleep. The wind is more constant between 12-15 knots and has turned a little east. So we are still on the way SW with poled-out genoa and hardly had to trim throughout the day. In hindsight, we definitely invested in the right sail. In the morning, when there was enough wind, we were able to put the mainsail into the first reef to lay more stable in the wave. Then we really stepped on the gas and scared off large schools of flying fish. None of them have landed on our deck yet. Our hope is that we will be able to sail a bit more south in the next few days before the calm. Unfortunately the last few nights it was always cloudy and the moon shone too bright through the cloud cover to admire the night sky during night watches. Today is the last day of the year. And what a thrill and amazing year it was! For New Year’s Eve there is either tortellini with cheese and cream sauce à la Mama or pasta bake. Our boat clocks are all still on British time so that we don’t get confused with the watch schedule. So Porky is celebrating the New Year at the same time as England. Once in Martinique, all clocks will be changed at once. We wish you a relaxed and nice last day in such a crazy year! Happy 2021 and stay healthy 🙂

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